My dad took me to a satanic pedophile cult and abused me

Septuagenarian, Carolyn Shanti, has revealed how her father took her to a satanic pedophile cult and abused her.

Carolyn Shanti, told Mirror online about how her father abused her for years, though she wouldn’t know much about it till 1990, when she began to have horrible flashbacks about the incident.
According to her, she didn’t know much of the whole incident till she went to India on a meditation retreat. She said;

I realised I’d been abused between the ages of three and nine, but it had stopped when I went to boarding school. On our London trips, my father would take me to dark, shadowy meetings of men, dressed in eerie headdresses or terrifying dog masks.
To this day, I still have a phobia of Alsatians, and shake when I see one. The men at the meeting would take it in turns to do terrible things to me.
I remember strange details, like a pendulum swinging in front of my face, and then my father’s fingers inside me, or a chalice of blood being placed on my stomach. I was tied up in strange positions and raped my multiple men.
An overwhelming memory is the feeling of suffocation – something being stuffed in my mouth and throwing up. Always, those words were in the background: ‘do not remember’. I broke down and couldn’t cope with what I had remembered.

Carolyn has been forced to come to terms with what happened to her in her youth

She revealed that the terrible memories left her feeling sick and shaking, with a pounding headache, as she returned to London for more research on the occultic practices of her father.
Carolyn Shanti said though she would have loved to see her father punished for his atrocities, he was dead already and she has forgiven him. She said;

Carolyn’s family home – where she, her sister and mum lived in constant fear of her demonic and tyrannical father

What my father did was unforgiveable and I wish he’d lived to see punishment, but I have forgiven him because I can’t hold on to the anger.
I wish I’d had the memories earlier so I could have dealt with them and lived a full life.
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