Couple forced to abort their baby with no brain

A devastated American man has expressed his grief as he and his partner were forced to abort their baby with no brain development.

The man revealed that at the 20th week of pregnancy, it was revealed that their baby’s brain had not developed and it will only survive some few hours if it is carried to term.
He wrote:
This was the most devastating week of my life. We had our 20 week ultrasound and discovered that our baby’s brain had not developed, and that it would likely die before it was born and would only live a few hours if carried to term. We terminated the pregnancy.
We intended to have the procedure at UofL hospital, but that was not possible, so we had it at EMW Women’s Center. The people who work there are incredible, but the experience was harrowing. And the
@LouClinicEscort group is made up of angels.
One horrifying wrinkle in this world-shattering situation was that SB 9, the fetal heartbeat bill, was poised to pass on Thursday. If it had, we wouldn’t have been able to have the procedure at all. While our daughter had no brain and a malformed spine, she had a heartbeat.

There is so much to this story that infuriates me, and we are in so much grief, but it is nice to know in the midst of this that we are loved by so many. We are trying to focus on the many things that are good about our lives. Be good to each other.
One last thing: I’ve said it reflexively many times, but the reality of “trust women and their doctors” doesn’t truly sink in until you are looking at the malformed brain of the child you conceived via fertility treatments and hear “now we need to talk about some legal questions”
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