Mum on Facebook surfing while baby drowns in the bath

A British baby is alleged to have drowned in the bath while mum on Facebook surfing.

The woman is being probed by Israeli police over allegations she left the child unattended while she went on the social media website.

Kayla Lynton, 23, was arrested in Tel Aviv by police investigating neglect claims over the death of six-month-old Naomi in July.

It is believed she initially said she had left the baby to go to the toilet.

But prosecutors are now investigating allegations that Kayla – married to British recruitment worker Ilan Lynton – may have been on the social media site when the tragedy happened.

By the time the mum called ­emergency workers, little Naomi could not be saved.

Naomi’s father last night confirmed his wife’s mobile has been seized by police as part of their investigation.

A source said:

“Kayla is currently waiting for a court date. She’s on a surety bond which means she must appear in court and at a police station when she’s required.

“Police are looking at whether she was on social media when she should have been caring for her daughter. She’s obviously devastated and now she’s having to deal with a potential criminal case as well.”

The grieving mum’s lawyer, Ofer Bartal, added:

“Kayla does not know what to do with herself. After she saw Naomi was unconscious she tried to resuscitate her and she called the emergency workers and police. “We are now waiting for the police to decide if they will indict her and for what.”

The baby was taken to the Ichilov Hospital where she died after a week in a coma. Her kidneys were donated to another girl.

Kayla was quizzed by officers from Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff police station who are now investigating claims of neglect.
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