Gay man dies after injecting silicone into his balls (Photo)

A 28-year-old man identified as Jack Chapman, from Australia has died after injecting his balls with silicone during a ‘sex cult’ game in Seattle, USA.
The gay man who was said to be in a homoerotic master-slave relationship died after injecting large quantities of silicone into his genitalia.
According to UK Sun, Chapman’s death certificate ‘Silicone Injection Syndrome’ was listed as one of four causes of death, alongside three lung-related causes.
His ‘slaver master’ was a popular gay community blogger named Dylan Hafertepen who reportedly introduced Jack to his extreme fetish of dangerous body manipulation and his love of master/servant role play
It was also reported that Jack’s mum Linda Chapman discovered a contract between the pair, where Dylan was “the master” and Jack one of a number of “pups” who were forced to obey him.
The contract also said the pup’s body and mind were the exclusive property of the master and that the pup had no identity outside that given to him by the master.
It was also revealed that Jack was required to take Dylan’s surname, sign over his salary, wear a chain around his neck and cut off all contact with anyone who existed outside the circle.
Posting to his website, Dylan paid tribute to Jack, writing:
“If [Tank] was my world, I was his sun; he made me feel like the centre of his universe.
“To say I “miss him” is an understatement. Core to his identity was his service. He lived to help people, and was happiest helping those he loved.
“I love you, Tank. My best friend, partner, my world… my pup.”
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